Paleo (and so)

For a while now I’m getting more aware of the effects of food. First of all for my body but also for my health and my skin. But I have to admit, and that’s the intention of this blog, I find it bloody difficult. I don’t have the perseverance to teach myself a whole new lifestyle. So I agreed with myself that I belong to the “I do my best and therefore I do it better than when I do nothing at all” category.


I will explain why that satisfies me (the perfectionist in me would actually be stressed out, but I must say that I manage). Let’s start with my lovely husband who partially agrees with my opinion about food. Regarding health for example, he fully agrees but I don’t have to start about something you need practice for only to pronounce the name properly. And next to all of this, he’s the one who cooks every night and this little princess would like to keep it that way.

My second reason is that I don’t know what’s right anymore and what is not. Who is right and who is wrong? I actually kind of like Paleo. Back to the primitive man. What we ate back then must also be good for us now, good point right? But then try to find out what exactly is paleo… Broccoli, cauliflower, beets, endive, spinach; all good! However, eggplant, potato, peppers and tomato for example, are not! And these are only the vegetables. You understand, together with the first reason this is impossible for me. Everything that’s called a ‘superfood’ is definitely not paleo! I just bought the new cute little book ‘on the go’ from the Dutch Rens Kroes… Is what she says nonsense? Is it unhealthy? Doesn’t it do anything right for you? Did I stuffed my kitchen with all these ‘prep’ ingredients for nothing? It confuses me and that means I can’t fully immerse myself in just one way of thinking. Because now we need to eat superfoods and tomorrow you’re dying from them.

My third and probably most honest (and most important) reason is that I just like food!! French fries with fat mayo on it is heavenly now and then, or a delicious chocolate muffin with your coffee or… wait I get turned on… You get my point.

So my conclusion is that I’m taking the best out of all worlds for myself. I stopped eating pork, I got some pimples and they say it’s hormonal, and because there’re a lot of hormones in pork, that’s a start. Also, I don’t eat (which is separate from paleo, superfood or whatever) out of principles, ‘baby’meat, no veal, lamb, etc. In the context of; if we do slaughter animals, at least give them a life first. I also love my smoothies, all kind vegetables in a blender, an orange and there you go a vitamin bomb. Delicious for breakfast or as a snack. So a long story short, I do my best and I feel good!

What’s your opinion about this? Do you have the same struggles or do you manage pretty good? I’m curious about your way of life.




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