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My weekend in images

Last weekend was all about boxing! In the Maassilo in Rotterdam the Bep van Klaveren memorial was held for the 23rd time. I didn’t have clue who this man was when I heard about the event a couple of months ago. But ‘our’ oldest is a boxer, so I needed to know some history details. You need to know what you’re talking about.

When you’re a weekend in Rotterdam ofcourse you need to go shopping! I’ll go to the boxingevent and you’ll go shopping with me. Fair deal right?


These boots will be my favorites this winter!! I think high heels are more feminine but I can’t wear them all day at work so I think these are a nice alternative. Tiny heel, tiny nose and over-knee so not too goody-goody.



I’m in love with this red/purple color by Dior! A beautifull matt lipstick and it’s even lasting for a few hour!



When you’re in Rotterdam you have to visit the Markethall!

What an amazing building. A real must-see with all it’s food and drink stands. Great place for lunch!


After all the shopping and all the smells, colors and fun in the Markethall you need to take the time for a drink and enjoy the scenery. We loved this veggie-plate at Pickles.


En then it started. At a fantastic location with the right ambiance 5 of ‘our’ boxers had great fights.


And ofcourse (little bit of arrogance is allowed right?) she won!! Despite of the fact her opponent was 6 kg heavier, she obviously was the better boxer en defeats her with 3-0. Very proud!!


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