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Ultimate relationship

What’s the ultimate relationship? Nobody knows and nobody has got one. How far can you go and how much do we accept one another? Questions that aren’t answered because we all live our lives different and we all have different boundaries.
The well-known differences between men and women plays a major role. A mens view at a  relationship is different than a womens. Men are practical, short and clear in words. Women are more sensitive, it takes a bit longer for us to make ourself clear and we think, by dropping some hints, we can clarify to our men what it is we want, we all know that this doesn’t work. If, for example, we see a pair of shoes that we want, we say; “These are beautiful” while we mean; “I realy need these.” The man will say; “Yeah, great,” and continues and ofcourse we get annoyed because we realy want them to say; “Great honey, you must buy them!” Yes guys, we are complex and that will never change. This is not a big issue. These are not the things that cause us to grow apart, we can handle this, you guys also have your own oddities.

But what’s important? What makes that your relationship is in balance? Do we know how to handle each other? And ofcourse everybody has t
heir own oppinion about this. I can only take myself as an example. We try our most to have that ultimate relationship and I think as long as you try, you’re very close.

In theory my relationship is one many people would say that it would never succeed; a divorced guy, father of two daughters and 14
years older
than me. I think I set all of my mom’s alarmbells when I brouht him home. Meanwhile we’ve proven the opposit I guess. Two people who only needs one word, complement each other in everything, listen to each other, fight with each other (yep… no fighting no love) and who thinks the game of love is  interesting and likes to play that game aswell.
A good example is a party. We can go our own way at a party, meet other people, enjoying ourselves. The men who approach me are generally nice and polite, but it’s mainly the women who approach my husband who are a different story, I will not get into the details about it, maybe later. But what’s nice in these situations is that we’re not jealous, no words are needed but with just one look or a little touch when we cross is enough to show the world that we belong together and that there’s nothing that sets us apart.wp-1475260409043.jpgThe thing I want to make clear is that men will never understand that we have nothing to wear while our closet is full of clothes and that us women will never understand why men for two  whole weeks are sitting in front of the TV all day long to watch a group of guys on a bike riding around France, but we need to appreciate each other and the little things that matter. Search for your strength and enjoy it.

Do you have a special relationship, or do you think otherwise? I love to hear your stories and thoughts about love and relationships.


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