Who’s the Apex?

 Every ecosystem (on land, in the air or in the water) has it’s Apex predator (Top predator or Alpha). A top predator that plays a crucial part in their ecosystem en has no natural enemies. 67 million years ago he already was here in the shape of a dinosaur. Nowadays we’re talking about the lion, tiger or shark.

But make no mistake, also in our species they occur. I find it fascinating how nature determines the alpha. Take a look around you, in a relationship is often the case that one of the two is dominant. When there are children in the relationship, they often are of the opposite sex of the dominant. I’ve got an alpha male like that. We don’t have children together, but he’s got two daughters.  To be honest I’m pretty dominant myself, so I don’t know what mix that ever will be, but imagine that alpha’s like him only would have boys… what would happen to world?

The alpha man, the leader of the pack, superman! Yes, I have to admit I immediately assume that this is the male sex. But why?  There are certainly apex females but just a little less than men. Back in the stone age men went hunting and women stayed  in their caves to cook and take care for the children. And when the men came home they would drag their wives by their hair inside the cave where they had to take care of their husbands. So men, by nature, is the Apex, alpha or dominant and the female has to listen. Later on in the 50’s of the last century it started to get normal that woman started to work, but still they took care for the children and did all the housework. A lot of guys are thinking right now: “wish it was still like that, the better days.” Sorry gents, we’re also part of the evolution. We grow, change, get better jobs and in a couple of years we’ll be on top, we will be the alpha and we’ll no longer be talking abour superman but superwoman!

We’ve got a longer road ahead of us than men does to evolve to apex, but guys; we’re coming!!

Are you up for it?


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