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Men and their midlife crisis. Fast cars, young girlfriends, dressed way too young. We’re familiar with the phenomenon very well, we see it happen regularly and all have our opinions about it. But what do we women do?

In previous blogs I have been discussing the behavior of woman often, but in recent years there is a new phenomenon; spirituality.

We all run to the gym to find our inner peace during yoga. We bring Paulo Coelho into our houses to discover all kind of life lessons. We place (randomly picked from the internet) all these philosophical phrases on Facebook (you must have seen them…). We’re filling our houses with these Buddha statues, light incense sticks and join different communities where we hope to find even more life lessons.

Don’t get me wrong, I really love doing yoga!! A sport where you work out while you’re relaxing? Definitely my kind of sport!!

But aren’t we going way too far?

I’m very pragmatic; always want to reach my goal the easiest and fastest way and like scientific facts. So I’m not really a spiritual type. I don’t have any Buddha’s and I don’t like the smell of incense. I did read a book by Paulo Coelho though, The Alchemist to be exact. I heard about it and wanted to read myself what this man had to tell. The life lesson in this book was that you don’t have to go far to find happiness the good things in life, but that it’s very close. Nothing to argue about, I totally agree. But do you really need 170 pages to explain this?

You don’t need a boy who, because he dreams during a nap underneath a tree, sells his sheep and walks to Egypt to find the thing he dreamed about. Who, during his trip, meets a king met magic rocks and a bunch of travelers who help him. To finally find out that what he’s looking for is underneath the same tree he had his nap under instead of Egypt… So for me, way too many words for a story you can tell in a few sentences (as you can see).

I’ll never judge anyone and everyone should do whatever they feel comfortable with. But aren’t we creating another world besides reality? Men do not understand any of this and aren’t into spirituality in general, so aren’t we enlarging the differences between men and women ourselves?

Keep your head clear, both feet on the ground and start your spiritual search together… as in the bedroom… so everyone can enjoy it 😉

I’m curious what you think about spirituality and relationships!


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