Letter to Patricia

Dear Patricia,

What a roller-coaster you’re in right now. You’re confronted with situations you didn’t ask for and you’ve trusted the wrong people at the worst possible time. The last days you probably wondered a million times how you ever could be so stupid to let somebody film you during quite explicit activities. For everybody it’s not smart to do but for someone in the spotlights like you… you should know better.

Anyway, what happened happened and now you have to deal with it. Making your lawyer deny isn’t the solution I think. You give even more reason for discussion. Just admit it’s you and move on. The more you make it a drama, the longer it will take till it’s over. And it will be over… someday.

I don’t really like to give my opinion publicly but now I feel responsible, well I guess more ashamed, for almost everyone who’s talking trash, shouting out, forwarding the video’s etc. etc. This is a huge problem in our society. We give our shameless opinion about anyone, anything at any time on any social media platform possible. Nobody thinks about the effect it might have and they never wonder how it would be if they were the subject. Let’s blame it on they don’t know better, but if that’s the average intelligence in The Netherlands, we have a problem.

Nobody is a saint and I guess a huge percentage of all the people talking shame about the tapes have some deep secrets themselves. But it’s o so easy to point at other people. Whatever anyone does inside (or out) the bedroom is private and never a shame, it’s your life and your choice and there’s nobody who can judge.

Did I watch the videos? Yes, if I post something on the internet I want to know what I’m talking about. Will I ever forward them? No! It’s harassment on a criminal level and the person leaking the tapes should be punished big time. I hope this will be an example for everyone who’s thinking about taping certain situations en I hope it will change things legally. Latest example is the Canadian girl Amanda Todd… nude pictures literally destroyed her life and justice needs to change the way they work to handle these issues.

For now I wish you all the best and I hope it will all be over soon. Try not to read all the comments and set an example!




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