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Men and their midlife crisis. Fast cars, young girlfriends, dressed way too young. We’re familiar with the phenomenon very well, we see it happen regularly and all have our opinions about it. But what do we women do?

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Issue: getting older

In life you’ll meet a whole bunch of different people. With one you connect, with the other not so much. We all are different characters, so it makes sence. What I do think is weird, is how we react on one another when the famous ‘click’ is not there.

Especially women often perform a silent war. They immediatly have their opinion ready and they are better able to connect with men than with each other because there’s no jealousy. Women of the same age generallly connect pretty good, maybe the other one is a bit slimmer and prettier but someone who has enough confidence will manage. It’s something different when there’s a bigger difference in age.


Men will find a young girl interesting and can be kind of jealous of the guy that dates her. Occasionally he will throw in a funny comment like “I don’t know what she sees in you!”. These jokes are often made with their wifes not around, of course.

These women can be devided in a number of categories. I’m not going to name them all because a large part is fun to hang out with and confident. They do not suffer from (as self-doped) the faded glory syndrome.

But there’s the woman who will battle immediately. She used to be the girl all men turned their heads for as they walked by. She tries to act as confident as she can. Will trie to stay mentally young by interfering in the social life of her children and physically by regularly letting a personal trainer control her life and a plastic surgeon her face . She feels terribly threatened in the presence of the young woman because she suddenly realizes that life very quickly passes by.

These situations are extremely amusing. I’ts a pitty that women can feel like this and I think life will be so much easier with the acceptance of aging. But this shows, like in the animal kingdom, also our Apex at one point will be kicked of her throne.

On the other hand I understand. I recently became 32, and as if it’s written on my head (or I make a bigger issue out of it than it really is, that’s possible) I’m more often called mrs. than before and I must say; I’ve got some deep emotional issues with that. We do not want to get older and we certainly don’t want to feel like that. I just hope, that by the time I get a lot of wrinkles and perhaps the idea of some botox will go through my mind because my husband turns his head for some 30 year old, I’ll remember this blog and will be proud at myself, on how I look and present myself, like any woman should be feeling when she get’s confronted with her past.

Have you ever been in a simular situations? I’d like to hear your storie and/or opinion.